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1 point for each mushroom that's totally eliminated by your bug blaster. 

5 points for each mushroom that is paitiolly eliminated or has been poisoned by a scorpion 

*vhen your blaster has be*n destroyed. 

100 point* for each head sagmerrt of the Centipede that you exterminate. (Remember, every 

time you btatl a Centipede apart, eacf new segment forms a ne« head worth 100 points.] 

1 points for each body segment of th* Centipede 'hat you destroy. 

ZOO points for each Frenzied Flea thatyou destroy ^ith your bug blaster. 

1 000 points ior destroying a Scurrying, Scorpion ot anytime during the gome. 

$00 paints For exterminatng a Jumping Spider ot long range, 

S00 points for destroying a Jumping Spider at medium range. 

?00 points for blasting a Jumping Spider at close range. 

Each time you blast a spider, your points earned will appear on the screen where the spider was 


The high score for each round of gomes is shown ql the top center of the screen lo the rig it of 

the player's score. 

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Play the 

Original Arcade 
Classic in Your 
Own Home 




Imagine that you live in an enchanted mushroon patch f il led with Attacking 
Centipedes, Jumping Spders, frenzed Fleas and Scurrying Scorpions— each with 
rragtcol powers. Luckily, you have a bug blaster to fight them off—* LORD MOTLEY 

' o Begin Your Bug Hunt. 

Insert the Centipede cartridge into your TI99/4A Home Computer, as explained in your 
computer owner's guide, and turn or your computer. Plug the joysticks into the 
Controller Jack, 

Piess the (2) "two" key en the computer If you want o two-player game. Press (l)one 

tc return to o one-player game. 

Tire enter key on the computer begins the gome. 

THe ( + ) plus key resets the game without erasing the high score from ony previous 


Press the space bar on ihe computer if you went to pause in the middle of a geme. 

Press it again to pick up where you left off, 

Dreaded Bug Blaster 

The bug blaster destroys bugs and nushrooms. You start each game with three bug 
b asters (the number remaining is shown at the top of the screen next ta the high 
score). Press ihe red button once on your Joystick Controller for a single shot, hold the 
bjtton down for rapid fife blasting. You'll be awarded an odditionafbug blaster for 
each 1 0,000 points you score, and you can earn up to six bug blasters at any one 

March of the Centipedes 

TKe Centipedes attack from the top of the TV screen, zig-zagging back and forth 
each lime they bump into a mushroom, The bug blaster destroys the Centipede by 
b asfing eacti segment separately 

You must destroy each segment of the Cenlipede before it can reach ttie bottom cf 
the screen. Otherwise mare Centipede segmerrts will start !d appear to attack your 
bjg blaster ct the bottom of the screen. When an entire Centipede is destroyed, a 
new one attocks from the top of the screen. 

Jumping Spider 

Bui wait, there ore other dangers. The Jumping Spider, whi:h isn't blocked by the 
mushrooms,, can pounce on your bug blaster and destroy it. And when the Spider 
jumps over a mushroom, that mushroom may magically disappear 

Poisonous Scorpion 

Tbe Poisonous Scurrying Scorpion con dash across your patch and poison any 
mushroom just by touching it! When a centipede touches o poisoned mushroom, the 
Centipede goes insane ond heads straight to the bottom of the screen 

Frenzied Flea 

The Frenzied Flea may create more mushrooms wherever he lands, making it difficult 
to shoot a bug until it is dangerously close. The ffea's bite con destroy your bug 
blaster too. I" takes several snots to destroy a floa.